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  • AMP+ Charging Cable Type 1 for Hybrid Automobile

  • Created: Apr 27, 2017

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Having a revolutionary innovation that solves current problem of the community is really wonderful. Climate change or even the pollution caused by excessive emission of automobile specifically, is now being solved using this hybrid technology. It continuously being developed and optimized, which is one of the solution is also the improvements of its connection. This AMP+ charging cable assembly type 1 features improved safety and reliability with individual housing seal for each contact. It has magnetically operated reed switch that increases life of product by reducing arc effects and it has individual seals prevent moisture inside the coupler body and corrosion of the crimping zone.

The AMP+ charging cable assembly type 1 designed for high-performance charging stations. This type 1 interface is used in North America and Japan features a high performing in-cable control box for maximum reliability and reinforced user safety. It enable two charging modes including any wall power outlet at home and some public high-performance charging stations. The AMP+ charging inlet type 1 is connected to the battery of hybrid automobile in which it is a modular system that is interchangeable with other inlets with minimum impact on the body of the hybrid or electric vehicle or specifically hybrid automobile. It can be configured with or without a connector locking device.

AMP+ charging cable assembly type 1 is suited for AC charge interfaces and chargeable Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV) as well as completely Electric Vehicles (EVs). Aside of vehicle, this can be applicable to a regular storage that will be used as a supply of an equipment without access to a direct AC outlet source.



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