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  • Amplified Siren Sound

  • Created: Jan 26, 2015

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This circuit improves a siren sound to a higher level. It increases the loudness of a siren sound in which it can be by a vast area or a huge crowd. It features the Micropower Phase-Lock Loop, which has an operating frequency up to 1.4MHz with low frequency drift at 0.04%/°C at VDD of 10V.

The circuit is comprised of a CD4046 CMOS Micropower Phase-Lock Loop IC that serves as the main component of the system. It manages the generated signal with its output signal is in-phase with the input signal. The BC337 transistors serves as the switch of the current amplifier transistors, the TIP31 and TIP32. The 8Ω 10W speaker generates the loud sound.

This circuit is suitable for applications that requires a loud output sound. It is useful in commercial and industrial area in which instructions and informations are frequently circulating. It can be used as a base circuit for the different development in sound amplification.



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