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  • Basic Sine Wave Oscillator

  • Created: Oct 30, 2014

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This circuit features the generation of sinusoidal signal with frequency range of 1kHz to almost 9MHz. It is useful for devices that are sensitive to perturbations such as temperature sensor. It provides low distortion sinusoidal signal.

The design uses series-resonant circuit in the feedback loop of BF494 transistors where Q3 serves as impedance converter and it is connected in emitter follower configuration. The Q2 is in common based configuration and act as voltage amplifier with the inductive component in its collector. The feedback loop runs from the collector of Q2 through the junction of capacitive diver C2/C7, source-follower BS170, and the input impedance is formed by R1/C5. The signal is taken to the output through C6 and it is rectified by the two schottky diodes, smoothed by C9, then used to control the current through Q4. The gain of amplifier T1 is therefore higher at low input levels than at higher one. The circuit setup ensures very low distortion because the amplifier cannot be overdriven.

The application that requires undamped and continuous oscillations is best suited for this design. It is the most preferred oscillator for application that frequently on low and high temperatures. It is also suited for radio communication developments.



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