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  • Bluetooth 2WD Electric Car Using ATmega328P

  • Created: Apr 23, 2017

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Children are not the only one who enjoys the use of remote controlled vehicles, but also adults enthusiast and hobbiest. Remote controlled (R/C) vehicles has a lot of applications that can be helpful in real world applications. The design is a basic principle of bluetooth controlled model car that uses an ATmega328P microcontroller, motor drivers, bluetooth module and two dc motors.

The circuit uses an AVR Atmega328P as its microcontroller for the design. The system is operated by a +5V supply from the linear regulator, which regulates the 7.4V battery supply of a two Li-ion 3.7V battery. A motor driver is use to drive the dc motor in forward and backward rotation. The car has 4 wheels with two wheels at the back that is driven by the motor driver. A buzzer is used to represent as a horn for the car. The bluetooth module is connected to the UART (PD0 and PD1) of the microcontroller for communicating to a wireless devices like a mobile phone. The mobile device must be installed with a remote controller application so it can control the 2WD electric car wirelessly.

The design has the basic principle of a remote control model car. Modern developments of remote controlled cars has telemetry installed into them to get information by car’s sensors like engine RPM, voltage, temperatures throttle and steering. Remote controlled cars are used in racing, off road, and even in emergency situation like after disaster rescue.



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