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In this project, we used the capability of the Atmega328 microcontroller to be used in a motion tracking camera based system. The main component used is the ATmega328P-PU which is a 8 bit MCU with 32KB Flash and has 28pins, it has high performance but consumes low power MCU. It will synchronize the movement of a DC Servo Motor that runs on 5V DC, PIR motion sensors using passive infrared that runs on 3.3 V - 6 V, and a 116 Degrees UCAM-II JPEG Camera. This project was developed because of surveilling purposes in homes and industrial areas. Onboard is also an Adafruit CC3000 WiFi Shield that will enable camera feeds to be viewed using the internet as long as it is connected to the world wide web. The main idea was to capture and record activities automatically in a designated area with or without any human physically present. The ATmega328 can be coded using Arduino modified Libraries or Languages.

This system simply works following the codes embedded to the ATmega328 microcontroller, the PIR Sensors takes a minute or two to warm up after it is powered on, whenever the sensors detects motion the output goes High and Low when idle. This continues to read motion results in repeated HIGH/LOW pulses and can detect a person up to 30 feet away, or 15 feet away if sensitivity mode is reduced. The sensors have LED lights for visual feedback when a trigger occurs. After the sensor has been triggered the DC Servo Motor will move by angle to the sensor's signal where it was triggered. The servo motor will continue to follow the trigger points of the sensor. While this is going on, the camera is also capturing the motion detected with timed precision with the servo motor and the motion sensors. The camera which is using the Asynchronous Serial Transmit and Receive pins will send the data to the CC3000 WiFi shield that uses SPI communication giving the user an option to push data fast or slow. The CC3000 can connect to an access point where the image/video captured will be available for broadcasting through the world wide web. Then with an app, the user will be able to remotely monitor the device's activities. All of these are possible with the correct coding of the micro controller using open source coding. The whole system is battery operated with a 12V input and 5V output on the power supply. Most of its components are connected to the microcontrollers digital pins which also has the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), General I/O pins, and the Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) pins which also has the MOSI, MISO and SCK. Overall the ATmega328 microcontroller act as the brain or master of the system which gives command and control over the entire components.

This scheme is for the purpose of giving an overview of the microcontroller's scope to expand more being one of the best innovations yet done by engineers and developers moving forward to the micro age.



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