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  • Dual High Side Switch Motor Control

  • Created: Aug 11, 2015

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This design is a simple motor control that uses the Freescale’s MC10XS4200BFK dual high side switch. It has two fully protected 10mΩ high side switches with up to 6A steady state current per channel. Both channels can be controlled individually by external or internal clock signals, or by direct inputs. In addition, it has an accurate temperature and current sensing and has individually programmable internal/external PWM clock signals that allow fully autonomous device operation.

The circuit has high number of protective and diagnostic functions. The low RDS (ON) channels (<10 m) can control different load types such bulbs, solenoids, or DC motors. The control, device configuration, and diagnostics are performed through a 16-bit serial peripheral interface (SPI), allowing easy integration. To synchronize current sensing with an external process, the SYNC signal can be connected to a digital input of an external MCU. The CONF [0:1] input pins allow configuring both channels for the appropriate load type that is responsible for activating the DC motor. These input pins are used to select the appropriate overcurrent detection profile (DC motor) for each of both channels where it requires a pull-down resistor to GND.

This dual high side switch motor control is design for truck, bus and industrial applications. It is a programmable motor driver that can be easily constructed and integrated to any device or equipment preferred by the user. It has a fail safe operation mode that remains operational and controllable even if there is lost in communication in the external microcontroller.



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