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  • Efficient Battery Powered High Brightness LED

  • Created: Mar 14, 2017

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An LED technology brings an efficient development in lighting. It respond to power saving and optimize available energy. Nowadays, LED lighting is in demand because of its efficiency that suits to mobile application or any battery powered application. One of the contributors of efficiency is the circuit or component that drives LED, which this design features an LED driver. This LED driver handles high brightness LED using TPS63000 high-efficient single inductor buck-boost converter with 1.8-A switches. It has input voltage range of 1.8V to 5.5V with fixed and adjustable output voltage options from 1.2V to 5.5V. It continues constant current that supplies the LED even when the battery voltage drops below the LED’s Vf.

Buck-boost configuration is common to electronic devices especially for mobile or portable applications. As illustrated in this circuit, the TPS63000DRC act as the main component in which it accept DC input on the left side with the battery supply and switch the voltage input through S1 with also a capacitor filter for the DC voltage input. The DC input supplies with VIN pin for power stage, VINA for control stage, Sync/PS pin for enable/disable power-save mode, and EN pin for enable input. The L1 and L2 pins are for inductor control on passing current. The VOUT pin is for the buck-boost output to HB LED with reference component and capacitor filter. The FB pin is for voltage feedback that sense voltage error amplifier feedback and it is connected to shunt voltage reference diode with low pass filter. Limiting resistors are also provided for the direct connection between FB pin and HB LED.

This battery powered HB LED circuit is well suited for portable lighting such as flashlight and portable lamp. It is also applicable for other electronic devices that require DC input with minor modification.



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