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Blade servers organize an array of computer modules that handles data or information that can be access through Internet. This Internet is carried by an Ethernet in which the design features 1G-BASE-T Intel Ethernet Controller I211-AT. It has advanced cable diagnostics, auto MDI-X with error correcting memory in packet buffers.

This reference design shows the different parts and components of 1G-BASE-T. The Network Controller Sideband Interface (NC-SI) circuit has discrete components that secure its function in electrical interface and protocol. The Multiple-Dependent Interface (MDI), indicator LEDs, and Software Dependent Pin (SDP) circuit defines the Ethernet links. Next is the support circuit, it has the connection of an external oscillator that provide additional frequency option and flash socket for an external 4MB SPI serial flash circuit. The power supply and regulator circuit connection between the controller and LAN in which the supplies are stabilized and secured by a bulk capacitance. The power mux circuit is for the voltage detector or supervisory circuit that monitors VDD and keeps /RESET active as long as VDD or SENSE remains below the threshold voltage VIT. The 3.3V buck-boost circuit is for the supply V3P3_LAN with Vout min of 3.28V and Vout max of 3.47V and Iout of 350mA at Vin of 2.5V.

This design circuit is applicable to data centers and other related communication system. It is also suitable for the development of Ethernet link.



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