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  • F2480 Broadband RF Analog VGA, 400MHz to 3000MHz EV Circuit

  • Created: May 29, 2017

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An RF Analog VGA plays an important role in communication system. It minimize phase imbalances and provide an excellent linearity with F2480 at +41.5dBm OIP3. This evaluation or application circuit features an F2480 RF analog VGA component. It is capable of 400 to 3000MHz amplifier range and 50 to 6000MHz attenuator range. It implement 12dB typical maximum cascade gain (no attenuation) with 4.3dB noise figure (amplifier as first stage) and 36dB gain adjustment designed to operate with a single +5V supply.

Most of the external components are used for ensuring signal reception and transmission. It uses different configuration of filters that suits to the requirement of application. A header shunt at J8 will be removed if application is for low band operation while a header shunt at J9 will allow the part to be in the operating mode when powered up. The RFAMP_IN pin is an amplifier input internally matched to 50Ω that requires an external DC block. The ATTN_RF1 and ATTN_RF2 pins are both used for attenuation in which it operate with attenuator control voltage and attenuator slope control. The RSET and RDSET pins are used for optimizing amplifier bias by connecting external resistor in which in this circuit, alternate resistors can be installed on the unpopulated resistor . The STBY pin is used to set the device in standby mode while Band_Select is used for mid-band, high-band, and wide-band applications by connecting a resistor to ground while open circuited for low-band select. The RFAMP_OUT pin is internally matched to 50Ω and requires external DC blocking capacitors.

This design is applicable to WiMax, LTE Base Stations, and broadband repeaters. It is also suitable for integration in point to point infrastructure and public safety infrastructure.



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