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  • GSM Based Industrial Automation

  • Created: Oct 08, 2017

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Industrial Automation require various control systems used for operating industrial equipment such as machineries, boilers and other applications with minimal human intervention. This design is just one of many control systems but enhanced since it is designed to be integrated with GSM technology in which the industrial equipment can be controlled anywhere by sending a message.

Analog-to-digital converters, transistors arrays, and high current drivers are used for the communication between the P89v51RD2 microcontroller and industrial equipment. The GSM modem serves as a controlling device for this designed circuit which also provides the communication between the mobile device and the industrial equipment. The PCA9530D is an external indicator driver which is also used for direct monitoring of the industrial equipment.

GSM modems, microcontrollers, and industrial equipment drivers are less expensive than other control system components as in addition to being time-efficient. The system can transfer data in milli to nanoseconds which is more efficient compared to an analog or manual control system. It only needs a small amount of energy for the system to operate.



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