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  • H-Bridge Motor Control ( FORWARD-REVERSE DIRECTION ) With 556 Dual Timer

  • Created: Mar 19, 2015

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This diagram is the H-bridge motor control with 556 dual timer. In this design, instead of using a microcontroller, it uses a 556 dual timer circuit for controlling the motor, which makes the circuit low cost. The design is only limited to controlling the direction of the motor, whether operate the motor in a forward or reverse direction. The H-bridge used in the circuit is the MC33186HVW2 from Freescale Semiconductor.

The schematic diagram consists of three parts: the Input/Contol circuit consist of the 556 dual timer circuit, the switching circuit which is the H-bridge MC33186HVW2 chip and the output unit which is the DC motor. The 556 dual timer is configured as two bistable multivibrator. The bistable multivibrator sets the input logic needed in the switching process of the H-bridge. To make the motor turn in a forward direction, S2 must be on RESET to send a logic 0 to IN2 of the MC33186HVW2 and S3 is SET to send a logic 1 to the IN1 of MC33186HVW2. To make the motor turn in reverse direction, S1 must be SET and S4 is on RESET. With this, IN1 is on logic 0 and IN2 is on logic 1.When the inputs are either both high or both low, the motor is set into a free wheeling mode.

This design is applicable to a typical motor control application same with the motor control used in different industries. The system is capable of handling high current applications that makes it more reliable unlike the traditional motor control system. The component is safe to use for commercial and residential purposes since it has short circuit shutdown protections for currents over 8.0A.



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