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  • Infrared Thermometer Sensor

  • Created: Mar 24, 2017

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Temperature sensor is a common device that is used in different devices to monitor temperature measurements that can affect operation. In this design, it features an infrared thermometer with large output voltage and high signal to noise ratio. It uses a thermopile sensor in which it has an IR absorber connected with a series of thermocouples.

The design circuit is comprised of three major components such as the sensor, microcontroller, and LCD. The thermopile sensor has four pins, two of the pins provide the voltage across the series of thermocouples and the other two pins are used to measure thermistor resistance. It is connected to analog IO pins of the MCU as well as the ports of the precise voltage reference P0_4 and P0_2. The MCU receives this analog data in which it analyze the data and transmit a digital data to the display. The LCD module handles the display of the measurement of temperature.

An IR thermometer sensor is widely used in medical instrument and industrial application. The capability to give precise measurements increases the efficiency of the operation and protection.



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