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  • LED Down Lighting

  • Created: Apr 18, 2016

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There are several LED lighting technology that performs more efficient than a traditional bulb lighting. In this design of LED lighting, it features downlight LED technology with lite-trap SMT wire-to-board connector system. The connector has a low-profile top-and-bottom entry style that provide reduced shadowing effects for LED application. It is also user-friendly with push-button latch that ensures easy wire extraction.

The design is composed of LEDs that is connected in 3x3 parallel-series circuit. The 1041880110 receptacle or lite-trap SMT wire-to-board connector is responsible for holding the wire of the supply circuit. The supply circuit is made of transformer, rectifier, and a filter, which is quite straightforward and low cost for this specific application.

This design is applicable for commercial and industrial establishment that requires LED lighting. The residential applications of downlights are still few because it requires proper installation and its availability in some hardware stores. It is also suitable for the development of downlights design and architectural lighting.



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