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  • Low Voltage Dimming Control

  • Created: Apr 04, 2016

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This reference design is a sample application of low voltage dimming control that uses A019 BuckBlock designed to control LED lighting system with the help of A009 BuckBlocks and A011 FlexBlocks. This device provides a convenient method to control the brightness of the LEDs.The A009 and A011 used are high output wide range LED power modules, which are a line of true current regulated drivers for powering LEDs that are also compatible with a 0V to 10V current sinking control.

The A019 dimming control features logarithmic response and reverse polarity protection. In the circuit, the LED drivers used are high efficiency making it an ideal choice for energizing all types of high brightness and high power LEDs that requires no external current limiting resistors. Moreover, it is a fast response current-sensing circuit, which makes the BuckBlock ideal for applications where flashing or strobe operations of the LEDs are required.

This low voltage dimming control has a wide range of applications in optoelectronics. This can be integrated for use in solar and landscape lighting, architectural lighting, and track lighting, automotive and even in marine lighting. This can also be used in desk & reading lamps, signal & marker lighting and cabinet & display Case Lighting.



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