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  • MAX20745 Step-Down Switching Regulator

  • Created: Jun 09, 2017

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The digital era is govern by low voltage equipment since it uses small and compact components. In this design, it features an integrated step-down switching regulator IC that optimized component performance and efficiency with reduced design-in time. It has 90.8% peak efficiency and supports up to 300A/μs load-step transient response. For the power-supply reliability with system and IC self-protection, it has differential remote sense with open-circuit detection, hiccup overcurrent protection, and programmable thermal shutdown.

The design is comprised of few components in which most of the external components are used as filters. The MAX20745 IC is fully integrated as step-down switching regulator that serves as the main component of the circuit. The VDDH pin is used for power input voltage that has decoupling or filter capacitors ensuring proper voltage signal input. The OE and STAT pins are used for enabling the regulator and threshold for sequencing of multiple regulators. The PGM pins are programming node that connected to ground through programming resistor and capacitor. The BST and VX pins are used for high-side switching and power-switching for VOUT port while the VSENSE+ and VSENSE- are used to regulate the output above the reference voltage.

This design is applicable to a larger system used in communication and networking equipment. It is also suitable for servers and storage equipment including μP Chipsets.



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