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  • MMA9555LR1 Intelligent Motion Sensing Pedometer

  • Created: Dec 07, 2015

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This reference design is an MMA9555LR1 intelligent motion sensing pedometer that integrates a 3-axis Micro-electromechanical Systems (MEMS) accelerometer, signal conditioning, data conversion, and a 32-bit microcontroller. This intelligent motion-sensing sensor provides sophisticated pedometer functionality, activity level and six directional orientation monitoring. The integrated functionality of sensor initialization, calibration, data compensation, and computation functions off-loads CPU bandwidth from the system application processor. Therefore, total system power consumption is significantly reduced, because the application processor stays powered down until absolutely needed. In addition, the device can be configured for an autosleep/autowake capability.

This particular design uses an MMA9555L, which is an intelligent motion sensing pedometer from freescale. The mixed-signal Application-Specific IC (ASIC) can be utilized to measure and condition the outputs of the MEMS accelerometer, internal temperature sensor, or a differential analog signal from an external device. The calibrated measured sensor outputs can be read via the slave I2C or SPI port and utilized internally within the MMA9555L. This is to provide advanced intelligent motion detection outputs like pedometer step count, activity level and six directional orientation detections which can be accessed via the slave I2C or SPI port.

This design is typically applicable in a wide variety of consumer electronics but is optimized for portable and mobile products. This is usually used in pedometers, wearable devices, smart watches, wristband, sleep monitoring, smart earphone, and health monitoring.



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