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  • Multiple Siren Sound

  • Created: Nov 17, 2014

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There are some circumstances that an ordinary vehicle needs to handle an emergency in which a regular horn is not enough to let the other vehicle move away from the lane so an immediate emergency vehicle can pass. This simple circuit features four different sounds for four different government agency that handles four different scenarios in public such as crime, fire, ambulance, and state of emergency. It is compact for sound module application since the integrated circuit includes already an oscillator and selector circuits.

The design is comprised of UM3561 low cost, low power CMOS Large-Scale Integration(LSI) that includes oscillator, selector, and programmed mask ROM to simulate siren sound. The pushbutton switches are used to trigger the siren with respect to its assigned sound. The variable resistor is used to adjust the frequency of the siren. The transistors Q1 and Q2 are used to amplify the signal while the resistors are used to limit the current.

It is quite useful to individual who are active in public service. It is compact that it can easily integrate to different types of applications. It also suitable for development for upgrades and modification.



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