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  • PoE LED Lighting Circuit

  • Created: Feb 15, 2017

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Ethernet is the most widely installed Local Area Network (LAN) technology. Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that allows the electrical current along with data on Ethernet cable necessary for the operation of each device to be carried by the data cables rather than by power cords for wired Ethernet LANs. The reference design, as shown, powers an LED light bulb using PoE and controls it through a Bluetooth module. The bulb can be wirelessly turned ON/OFF and dimmed with 9 levels of brightness using Bluetooth.

The circuit comprises of MAX5969A powered device (PD) controller, a MAX16832 LED driver with an integrated MOSFET, a MAX15062 synchronous step-down DC-to-DC converter, an 8-bit microcontroller, and a Bluetooth module. The MAX5969A provides a complete interface for a powered device (PD) to comply with the IEEE 802.3af/at standard in a power-over-Ethernet (PoE) system. The MAX5969A receives power from the power-sourcing equipment (PSE) and provides 48V (nominal) of DC power to the MAX16832 LED driver and the MAX15062 DC-DC converter. The DC-to-DC converter powers the 8-bit microcontroller and the Bluetooth module. The microcontroller takes user input through the Bluetooth module and converts it to a PWM-dimming signal and feeds it to the LED driver.

The use of PoE minimizes the number of wires in installing the network that leads to a lower cost, less downtime, easier maintenance, and greater installation flexibility. Also, utilizing the simple brilliance of an Ethernet cable to both power and control LED fixtures provides ultimate simplicity.



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