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  • Created: Apr 11, 2017

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A quadcopter is a type of helicopter elevated and moved using four rotors. It uses two pairs of fixed pitched propellers which speeds are controlled individually to achieve control. In the early days, quadcopters were expected to be a solution to some of the problems in vertical flight. Many manned designs of quadcopter occurred in 1920s and 1930s but these early prototypes suffered from poor performance. As technology improves, the production of a cost-effective and more stable quadcopter is now possible.

This reference design features the Kinetis KV5X quadcopter drone. The quadcopter is composed of a flight controller attached to the Kinetis KV5X MCU and electronic speed controllers for each of the motors. The flight controller used in this reference design is equipped with a radio receiver to receive commands from the pilot. It also has an inertial measurement (IMU) that provides velocity and orientation of the quadcopter needed for autonomous operation of the quadcopter. The motor driver in this quadcopter is composed of the MC34GD3000 pre-driver and N-channel MOSFETs. The MC34GD3000 is intended to drive only N-channel MOSFETs for better efficiency. It can operate with up to 58V supply voltage and up to 100% duty cycle. It also offers protection for the FET drivers.

The quadcopter has been very popular these days. It is being used in aerial photography and air shows. It can be also used for minor industrial lifting or for searching survivors if there is a disaster. The applications for a quadcopter is limitless. The design and features of it will just depend on the capability of the microcontroller and how the user or the programmer wants it to function.