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  • Secondary Damage Prevention Seismic Sensor

  • Created: Feb 07, 2017

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Earthquakes are one of the world’s most deadly natural hazards. Earthquakes often strike without warning, if it happens in areas with high population density or hazardous location, it could lead to catastrophic events especially in greater magnitude. Earthquake is a deadly natural hazard but, the secondary hazard caused by the earthquake can be more dangerous than the earthquake itself. This second hazard caused by earthquakes are tsunamis, landslides, soil liquefaction, and fire. The design is a secondary damage prevention circuit that helps reduce secondary disasters from happening after an earthquake. It uses Spectral Intensity (SI) to measure the equivalent magnitude of the destructive energy imposed by seismic motion. The SI value is the average value of the integrated velocity response spectrum, which is an index that expresses the destructive force of seismic motion and is highly correlated with the damage to structures.

The circuit uses the D7S seismic sensor to indicate the magnitude of an earthquake. This is connected to a microcontroller to analyze and process the reading of the sensor. The sensor uses an I2C connection to the microcontroller connected to the SCL and SDA (PC5 and PC4) of the Atmega8. The microcontroller can be connected to a devices to send a signal to turn OFF the device. Depending on the kind of device on which kind of connection is suitable to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is connected with a GSM SIM300, which can send message either for rescue purposes, or for turning OFF devices/equipment using GSM to prevent further damages. The GSM SIM 300 is connected to a 12V, 2A adaptor for its supply. The sensor SETTING pin must be set to LOW for initial installation and HIGH for normal mode.

The D7S is small seismic sensor and easily be place in wide range of applications. The design can be used for emergency action of turning OFF hazardous devices. Example of this devices than can cause hazard in the aftermath of an earthquake are gas stove, heaters, chemical plants, and distribution panels. It can also help in rescue operation and management when the crisis occurs in places like expressways, bridges, tunnels, and railroads.



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