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  • Simplified Surge Protection

  • Created: Nov 24, 2014

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The different type of surges are always expected to struck electronic devices that is why surge protectors and other type of protection are provided for the system. Fuses are also used for circuit protection but it totally disconnect the system from operation, which is a downside for devices that requires continuous operation. This circuit features the same protection but it is retriggerable that can handle continuous operation. It can handle 5A continuous On-State Current and 30A Surge-Current. It features also 400V to 800V Off-State Voltage.

The design is comprised of TIC106D SCR which serves as the main triggering component and delay of the supply surge. The 1N4001 diode is used for rectification and polarity. The RC circuit and a capacitor is used to stabilized the circuit.

This circuit is suitable for various type of power supply. It is simple and it make used of discrete components. It is low cost that a lot of people could develop the design and build a more efficient design.



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