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  • Smart Fan Speed Controller

  • Created: Mar 29, 2017

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Fan is used to create a flow of fluid, typically gas/air that is usually utilized for thermal control or cooling system. This reference design is an auto-adjust fan speed controller, it senses the temperature of the environment and adjust the fan’s speed accordingly. this also features a an additional display for monitoring. The circuit incorporates a sensor, processor, monitor, motor driver and the motor/fan.

This design uses the Arduino Uno as its brain as it controls all functions. The Temperature sensor LM35 senses the temperature and converts it into an electrical (analogue) signal, which then fed to the Arduino for the conversion and interpretation of the signal. A transistor is used as the fan driver, it is controlled by a PWM signal from the Arduino, whose duty cycle is varied to adjust the fan’s speed. Also, the temperature and speed of the fan can be displayed on the LCD for easy monitoring. The software for the automatic temperature controller and monitor circuit is written in Arduino programming language. Arduino Uno is programmed using Arduino IDE software.

This project is useful in any kind of environment that needs climate control. This can also be incorporated on machinery cooling systems like computers to prevent component overheating.



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