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  • Soil Moisture Detector

  • Created: Aug 29, 2014

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This circuit is designed to improve our agricultural environment. It can offer protection of plants and other activities that requires characteristic of the soil. Most of us are not aware about the pros and cons of the moisturized soil. By simply detecting the soil moisture can change the entire agricultural system.

The circuit is composed of astable multivibrator circuit that produce triangle waves. The 22kΩ serves as the current limiter component. The transistors amplifies the signal coming in and out into the system. The sensor provide signal in two ways. When sensor is at low resistance that means the soil is moisturized, the speaker will not sound since the signal goes directly to the ground through Q5. But when the soil is dry, the signal goes through the Q3 and Q4 which triggers the Q6 and let the speaker produce the sound.

The system is excellent for the development of agriculture. It can offer convenience to farmers and caretakers of agricultural plantation. The good harvest of farmers is a great help into our community.



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