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  • Telecom Eighth Brick Power Supply

  • Created: Feb 28, 2017

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In telecommunication industry, power brick standard helps system designers to improve efficiency and flexibility of power modules. This eighth brick power module features ADP1051, which is a digital controller for isolated power supply with PMBus interface. It is a versatile digital voltage mode controller with switching frequency of 49kHz to 625kHz. It receives an input voltage range 36V to 75V while in this design it has a typical 48V input. The output voltage is 12V and maximum current is 20A.

This eighth brick size power module is quite compact for its capability to handle power system in telecommunication industry. Aside from its main component ADP1051 digital controller IC device, the design has different parts with specific purpose. The power stage and primary-secondary side drivers are circuits directly in place for the conversion of voltage to 12V controlled through OUTA, OUTB, OUTC, and OUTD pins of digital controller IC. The auxiliary power, VDO power, and input voltage UVP or Undervoltage Protection circuits are for voltages other than 12V that are used to power up some parts in the modules. The input current and voltage sensing, output current and voltage sensing, VDO power, and over voltage sensing are circuits for voltage conversion monitoring. The I2C/PMBus filter and control signal filter circuits secures signal for SDA, SCL, and CTRL pins of the digital controller IC. The ON/OFF control circuit secures switching the system that makes use of a diode, RC filter, and a transistor.

This eighth (⅛) brick power module is applicable in different telecommunications system considering it meets the required rating. The module offers a series of housekeeping functions, such as IOUT_OC, VOUT_OV, OT, and VOUT_UV defined by PMBus, input UVLO, reverse current protection, short-circuit protection, and other related functions. Minor modifications maybe needed for applications such as servers, industrial, and networking.