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  • TPS62095 High Efficiency Step Down Converter with DCS Control

  • Created: Apr 13, 2016

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This reference design is a typical application of TPS62095, step down converter of Texas Instruments. It has an output of 1.8V with 100% duty cycle for lowest dropout. The output voltage startup ramp is controlled by the startup pin, which allows operation as either a standalone power supply or in tracking configurations. Power sequencing is also possible by configuring the EN and PG pins. In Power Save Mode, the device operates with typically 20µA quiescent current. It is entered automatically and seamlessly maintaining high efficiency over the entire load.

The TPS6209 synchronous step down converter is based on DCS-Control with Seamless transition into Power Save Mode. This is an advanced regulation topology that combines the advantages of hysteretic and voltage mode control. The device is a high frequency synchronous step down converter optimized for small solution size, high efficiency and suitable for battery power applications. It offers excellent DC voltage regulation and load transient regulation, combined with low output voltage ripple, minimizing interference with RF circuits.

This step down voltage converter may be integrated to regulate the supply voltage in Notebooks, computers, solid state driver and hard disk drives. It may also be applied for processor supply and other battery powered applications.



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