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  • Wireless Power Receiver Boardkhiugpbjk

  • Created: Mar 08, 2016

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The technological development of power transmission evolves to integrated circuits in which it optimizes the capability of wireless power transfer. This latest design of IDT on wireless application featured a wireless power receiver board with fully integrated single chip solution that requires only few external discrete components. It is WPC V1.1.2 compliant. It can support up to 6W output power and has a peak efficiency of up to 83%. It makes use of an integrated synchronous full bridge rectifier and integrated tracking LDO output stage for its regulation. The system has its own protection against over temperature, overcurrent and overvoltage.

The design is comprised of P9025AC wireless power receiver IC that acts as the main component of the wireless charging application. It drives a coil that interacts with the transmitter board. It uses capacitors to improve noise immunity and overall performance. The resistors are used as pull ups for I2C interface pins. The AC1-2 pins are used for the inputs that are received by the system while the ACM1-2 is used for AC modulation input. The SDA and SCL are for I2C interface while the other pins are used for monitoring or detection.

There are already common applications of wireless charging such as wearable devices and hand-held GPS, but still it continue to evolve that it can now be used by tablets, DSC, DVC, cellular phones, and other types of handheld products. It provides convenience to people.



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