Proximity Sensor-Based RF Remote Control Forms Innovation Launch Pad

Nintendo changed everything when it introduced motion detection in its remote controls for the Wii. Along with altering the face of controllers, it also brought attention to potential applications for accelerometers, which have gone on change other industries. In the meantime, remote controls have continued to change, taking advantage of newer, more efficient wireless connectivity and human-machine interfaces (HMIs).

A Simple Approach to Driving The Ubiquitous Stepper Motor

Stepper motors are a favorite of designers, engineers, and makers alike, and so can be found almost everywhere there is an electronically controlled system. They’re so popular and useful, in fact, that it’s often easy to forget how they work and to ensure that they are being driven correctly..

Use the Si1102-EK kit for simple, low-power proximity sensing

For simple, short-range, ultra-low-power proximity sensing, Silicon Labs’ Si1102 active-optical reflectance-based sensor and accompanying Si1102-EK evaluation kit provide a practical, easy-to-use solution. The kit comes with a board, battery, LEDs, power switch, and potentiometers, but a little background on the nuances of infrared-based proximity sensing and design implementation will help optimize a design.

Use The Bluetooth LE Client Module To Speed App-Based IoT Design

Designers looking for the best way to wirelessly connect their creation to the Internet of Things (IoT) have no shortage of options. The problem is figuring out which is best for their particular application and then getting up and running on time, within budget and with minimal risk.