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  • 1-axis Inclination Level Indicator

  • Created: Nov 23, 2016

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This circuit design is an inclination indicator to determine if a surface is leveled flat. The circuit is simple mainly using a 1- axis accelerometer IC and a PIC microcontroller. The circuit is also able to display the angle of inclination of the measured surface through a 3-digit 7-segment display.

The circuit design utilizes the MMA2240KEG accelerometer as the inclination sensor. The MMA2240KEG has a 1-axis sensitivity (X-axis) featuring signal conditioning, a 2-pole low pass filter and temperature compensation. The output of the accelerometer is connected to an analog-to-digital converter pin of the PIC microcontroller. The output of the accelerometer goes through an RC filter of 1kΩ and 0.01uF to minimize clock noise. The PIC microcontroller used in this circuit is the PIC16F1619. This microcontroller is an 8-bit flash MCU that features a 10-bit A/D, CCP, 24-bit SMT and zero-cross detection offering an excellent solution to the variety of applications. After the microcontroller finishes processing the data from the accelerometer, an angle of inclination will be displayed through the 3-digit 7-segment display. This circuit design can be powered through a +5V power supply.

LEDs are also included in the circuit to indicate to which side a surface is inclined. When the surface is flat, the green LEDs in the middle light up. If the measured surface is inclined, the red LEDs will light up depending to which side the surface is inclined. This project can be a digital alternative to spirit/bubble level indicator used by carpenters, surveyors, stonemasons and etc.



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