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  • 12V In Dual Output Buck Converter

  • Created: Sep 01, 2014

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A buck converter reduces the voltage efficiently by stepping up the current such as converting the main voltage in a computer down to the needed voltage by the processor. The MCP1630 dual buck reference design is used to evaluate the Microchip MCP1630 analog, high-speed Pulse Width Modulator (PWM) used in a dual synchronous, buck regulator, power-converter application. The evaluation board is a complete, stand-alone, dual-output, dc-dc converter with +12V input, adjustable dual output at 20A per output.

This board utilizes Microchip's MCP1630 (high-speed PIC MCU PWM MSOP8), MCP1703 (LDO SOT-89), PIC16F684 (MCU Flash TSSOP14), MCP6231 (Op Amp SC-70), TC6501 (temperature switch SOT23A-5) and MCP14628 (synchronous MOSFET driver SOIC8). The input voltage range for the reference design is +9V to +13.5V. Both adjustable regulated outputs are capable of 20A.

Input terminals are provided to apply an input voltage to the power supply. Output terminals are also provided as a way to connect the 20A outputs to a load.



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