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  • 12v Regulated Power supply

  • Created: Apr 26, 2017

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Nowadays, almost every electronic devices used dc supply for its great and better performance and required to be operated within certain power supply limits. The entail DC voltage is from a single phase AC mains. This is where the context of regulated power supply comes in to convert unregulated AC to a constant DC. A regulated power supply is used to ensure that the output voltage remains constant even if the output load changes. The circuit created is establish with bridge rectifier and zener regulator. This circuit as 12 volt power supply source can be used as a source for peripherals that need 12V.

The circuit comprises of step down transformer, four 1N4007 diodes connected as bridge rectifier, 100uF/16V capacitor, 12V Zener diode and a BDC243C transistor.The step down transformer reduce AC supply to 15v AC while the four 1N4007 diodes connected as bridge rectifier will give regulated DC supply. This DC is filtered by using 470uF/25v capacitor. Then, this filtered DC supply will be fed into 12v zener diode, the transistor BDC243C drives the output supply to the load.

Taking advantage of the use of bridge rectifiers and zener leads to lower the cost of this supply and its size.Also, zener diode is used to produce a stabilised voltage output with low ripple.



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