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  • 144 MHz, 1 kW Power Amplifier

  • Created: Jun 30, 2015

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This project is a simple solid state 1kW power amplifier that is used to read DC voltage and SWR on reverse/forward meters. The device has a watercooling that separates the transistor from the radiator. However, it automatically shuts down when the temperature is relatively high. This linear amplifier uses the Freescale’s rf power LDMOS transistor that is capable of handling 10:1 VSWR and characterized with series equivalent large-signal impedance parameters. This can be used in single ended or in push pull configuration.

This design is a simple water cooled power amplifier that uses copper spreader. It has temperature sensor that is pressed against the copper heat spread. The low pass filter passes the signals with a frequency lower than the cutoff frequency. This also conditions the signal to provide a smoother form of a signal removing short-term fluctuations . In addition, this device has an output power of 1000W with a frequency of 144MHz. It has also a low noise temperature controlled cooling fans and a 50V LDMOS transistor that is normally used in a push pull configuration.

The solid state power amplifiers provide useful amplification at gigahertz frequencies. These are commonly used in commercial and industrial broadband applications. Some designs are used for airborne, missile, communications, radar and other scientific applications.



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