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  • 2100MHz RF Power Amplifier for International Mobile Telecommunications

  • Created: Mar 26, 2015

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Our telecommunication data usage is rapidly increasing in which Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are having difficulties in managing the demand of their customers. This problem is caused by the number of people that are now into digital communications, which smartphones provides them access to the internet anywhere they want as long as there is a GSM signal. This design features a RF Power LDMOS Transistor that is used in 2100MHz RF Power Amplifier. The 2100MHz frequency band is a WCDMA air interface standard, which is also a basis of Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS). It has digital predistortion error correction system and great negative gate-source voltage range for improved class C operation that are good for cellular base station applications.

The design is comprised of AFT18HW355SR6 Airfast RF Power LDMOS Transistor that offers high output power with a corresponding drain to source breakdown voltage. The coaxial cables are used for better efficiency while the copper wire attached to the ground helps in minimizing fluctuation and noise. The coils are used to improve the amplitude of the given frequency, which helps during an increase of attenuation. The TUI-9 rf transformer is for input impedance matching. The RC network is used as filter of the bias voltage.

This design is useful in rural areas where GSM signal is low. It is much cheaper compared to other RF equipments that requires a lot of external components. It is also suitable for RF signal development that it can be modified with respect to the application requirements.