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  • 2140 MHz Low Noise Amplifier(LNA) Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits(MMIC)

  • Created: Apr 20, 2015

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The RF driver amplifier and LNA are important parts in order to attain an efficient RF signal transmission and reception. In communication, these components are located near the antenna, which amplifies the RF signal before transmission (for RF driver amplifier) and amplifies weak signal in the reception (for LNA). This simple design and test circuit features pHEMT or pseudomorphic High-Electron-Mobility Transistor technology of LNA MMIC for RF transceivers. It provides a 1.6dB noise figure with third order output intercept point that is 39.4dBm at 2140MHz frequency. With its significant features, it ensures that the amplifications of weak signals will have lesser noise compared to a regular amplifier.

The circuit is built with microstrip components that are useful in RF operation. The dimensions and substrate are assigned accordingly to optimize the operation. The LC filter is used at the Vsupply to prevent undesirable signals during operation. It also makes use of RC circuit and simple capacitor filter that helps a lot in stabilizing the signal and preventing an increase of noise.

The design is useful to small or big scale transmission application like wireless LAN or cellular base station. The circuit is helpful to students and hobbyists for their evaluation and development in which they can have their own parameters to set.



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