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  • 2140MHz High Linearity Amplifier

  • Created: Jan 06, 2016

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The reference design as shown is a high linearity RF amplifier that operates at 2140MHz. In designing an RF amplifier, linearity is a very important parameter to be considered. High linearity amplifier can be achieved but at the expense of efficiency. This design introduces a simple test circuit that uses Enhanced Mode Pseudomorphic High-Electron-Mobility Transistor ((E-pHEMT) technology for low noise amplifiers (LNA). The E-pHEMT devices offer superior noise figure in conjunction with excellent linearity at reduced biased currents, relative to standard low-voltage InGaP HBT technology.

This design utilizes the MMG20271H, which is a high dynamic range, low noise amplifier MMIC, housed in a QFN 3x3 standard plastic package. It operates at a frequency range of 1500-2700MHz. It has a noise figure of 1.7dB at 2140MHz. This circuit is also uses microstrip transmission, wherein its dimensions are determined to optimize operation.

This design is very useful in a wide variety of applications including wireless communication. It is also ideal for cellular, PCS, LTE, TD-SCDMA, WCDMA base station, wireless LAN and other systems in the 1500 to 2700 MHz frequency range. With high OIP3 and low noise figure, it can be utilized as a driver amplifier in the transmit chain and as a second stage LNA in the receive chain.



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