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  • 2300-2700 MHz Advanced Doherty Alignment Module

  • Created: Dec 15, 2015

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The Doherty power amplifier is commonly used for RF power amplifiers, it is usually used for a signal having a varying amplitude that needs to be amplified in a linear form while sustaining a satisfactory level of efficiency. It is made of two identical sub-amplifiers; the carrier and the peaking amplifier. But the components used to construct carrier and peaking amplifiers are different, hence, any variation in these components are independent. This will cause the efficiency to diminish.

The Advanced Doherty Alignment Module (ADAM) is a new class of highly integrated GaAs MMIC control circuits designed specifically to optimize the performance of today's Doherty amplifiers. It is an integrated module designed for use in base transceiver station (BTS) transmitters in conjunction with high power Doherty amplifiers. The ADAM is designed to adjust the alignment of phase and amplitude to optimize the RF performance in the carrier and peaking paths of a Doherty amplifier thus providing improved overall BTS performance.

The MMDS25254H enables superior linearity-efficiency trade-off while improving output power. It contains a 90 coupler, digitally selectable phase shifters and step attenuators, and operates from a single 5V voltage supply. The MMDS25254H is suitable for transmit protocols such as WCDMA, UMTS, and LTE using frequencies from 2300 to 2700 MHz, and is controlled using a serial peripheral interface (SPI).