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  • 23V/45mA Non-Isolated Auxiliary Power Supply

  • Created: Mar 30, 2017

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This reference design is a fully functional universal serial bus (USB) charger featuring the UCS1002 programmable USB port power controller and PIC16F1503 microcontroller from Microchip. The UCS1002 provides a USB port power switch for precise control of up to 2.5A continuous charging current with over-current limit. The algorithm implemented in the PIC16F1503 applies multiple charger emulation profiles and selects the one that provides the highest current to the attached device.

The board comes with the PIC16F1503 microcontroller programmed with a firmware version that communicates with only one of the two UCS1002 devices on the board. The other path available on the board (U7) can be enabled by changing the I2C™ address of the UCS1002 in the firmware and reprogramming the MCU via the J5 ICSP connector. The circuit can be powered from 5V directly or through the MCP16323 high-efficiency synchronous buck regulator that allows 6-18V input and output currents up to 3A at 5V. After proper jumper configurations are set on the circuit and the power is turned on, a portable device can be plugged into the USB connector (J4) for charging. An LED turns on confirming the attached device detection.

This reference design features current monitoring and programmable charger emulation profiles making it a good candidate to be used with a PIC® Microcontroller for intelligent USB charging solutions. This is a fully functional universal serial bus (USB) charger compatible with a large variety of portable devices.



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