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  • 2.8 inches Touch Screen TFT LCD

  • Created: Aug 28, 2014

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There are several electronics hobbyist patronizes embedded development which most of them are developing projects with display. The 2.8 inches Touch Screen TFT LCD is just another evolution of displays that provides more sophisticated way of providing representation. It also provides a better quality of display compare to the former LCD that gives a lot of limitation in using special characters.

The project is comprised of Arduino Uno microcontroller that handles the data processing of the system. The 74HC4050D device is a hex non-inverting HIGH-to-LOW level shifter that handles the communication between devices with different voltage level. The 106-00069-10 device is a SD card adapter for the expansion of memory source that will be used in different application. The 90-00001-A0 device is a 2.8inch PCAP Touch Module for the display. The MIC5225-3.3 a 150mA μCap Low Dropout Regulator that keeps the supply alive. The AXP803 device is a driver IC that conforms to USB2.0 standard and controls the reset function.

The project is suitable for designs that requires a good representation of data. It gives additional features to projects since it is touch screen. It can used for more convenient monitoring and controlling of Industrial I/Os. It can also provide a wide variety of graphical displays.



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