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  • 3-Axis Accelerometer Interfaced with MCU

  • Created: Mar 10, 2015

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This project addressed the matter on how to interface an accelerometer sensor to a microcontroller. The accelerometer used is a FXLN8361QR1, a 3-axis, low-power, low-g, analog output accelerometers that consist of an acceleration sensor. The analog outputs for the X, Y, and Z axes are internally compensated for zero-g offset and sensitivity, and then buffered to the output pads. The outputs have a fixed zero-g offset of 0.75V, irrespective of the VDD supply voltage. The bandwidth of the output signal for each axis may be independently adjusted using external capacitors.

In this project, the interfacing of a 3-axis accelerometer sensor FXLN8361 with a microcontroller is essentially discussed. Here, we will measure the tilt of the accelerometer sensor or the material to which the accelerometer sensor is attached and we will display the three outputs of accelerometer sensor in a 16X2 alphanumeric LCD. But, the three outputs of 3-axis accelerometer sensor are analog in nature and microcontroller cannot process the analog signal directly. So, first it will convert the three analog outputs of ADXL335 accelerometer sensor to digital values using its analog to digital converter and then it will display the three converted digital values in the 16X2 alphanumeric LCD. Now, we will tilt the accelerometer sensor or the material to which the sensor is attached in different direction and we will see the changes in its output values in the 16x2 alphanumeric LCD.

This accelerometer measures static acceleration of gravity in tilt-sensing application, as well as dynamic acceleration resulting from motion, shock, or vibration. The accelerometer sensor is used in mobile devices, gaming systems, disk drive protection, image stabilization, sports devices, health devices and etc.



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