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  • 3600-3800MHz Power Amplifier Driver

  • Created: May 26, 2015

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This reference design shows a 3600-3800MHz power amplifier driver. An amplifier is considered to be a driver if it is capable of providing sufficient power to drive and to amplify the following stage of the circuit. The driver stage of a power amplifier is the stage between the voltage amplification and the output. The output stage will usually have low input impedance and so the voltage amplification stage cannot drive the output stage alone. The purpose of the driver stage is to produce enough current gain in order to drive the output stage. Since there is sufficient current gain, the driver stage produces considerable amount of power gain too.

This design utilizes the Freescale's MMG20241HT1 as the power amplifier driver. The MMG20241H is a 0.25W high gain amplifier designed as a driver or pre-driver for doherty power amplifiers in wireless infrastructure equipment operating in the 450MHz to 3800MHz frequency range. It features a 1dB: 24dBm power and a gain of 17.8 dB at 2655MHz. It also features a 50Ω operation with minimal external matching.

This design is used in wireless communication systems with frequency range of 3600MHz to 3800MHz. The versatility of the design allows it to be used in variety of general purpose amplifier applications, including frequencies below 450MHz and above 3800MHz.



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