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  • 40 W Printer Power Supply

  • Created: Feb 04, 2016

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A printer is a commercially available imaging product that operates as a hard copy output device and is able to accept data from input devices used by the users. Some available imaging products today serve as a multifunction device (MDF). MDFs are imaging product that performs two or more core functions of copying, printing, scanning, or faxing. These devices are usually powered through wall outlets or data connection. Normally, these devices are widely used and consume a lot of power that it came to a point that designs of the power supply of these devices should require a solution in lowering its power consumption.

This design is a 40W printer power supply from On-Semiconductor. The design is based on the NCP1351, a variable off time PWM controller device. This targets low power off-line flyback Switched Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) where cost is of utmost importance. Based on a fixed peak current technique (quasi-fixed TON), the controller decreases its switching frequency as the load becomes lighter. As a result, a power supply using the NCP1351 naturally offers excellent no-load power consumption, while optimizing the efficiency in other loading conditions. This circuit is rated to have outputs of 32V/1A and 16V/0.625A and features a latched overvoltage protection.

The NCP1351 overcomes the limitations of previous solutions available such as current requirements for efficiency in light load conditions and standby power in no-load. The device can also be used in different domains such as external-power supplies, game stations, low-cost adapters and offline battery charger.



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