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  • 450 kPa Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor Evaluation Board

  • Created: Feb 24, 2015

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Automotive applications are quite in demand nowadays in which several developments are being done using embedded system. In automotive, majority of its part can be integrated to electronics, which made the automobiles more useful and convenient. This design features a tire pressure monitoring system. It has S08 Core with System Integration Module(SIM), interrupt and debug/monitor that low power and can access direct-page registers/RAM in most efficient addressing mode and supports bit-banding. It also uses X- and Z-axis accelerometers with signal interface to ADC10 that allows tire recognition with appropriate algorithms analyzing the rotating signal caused by the Earth's gravitational field.

The design is comprised of FXTH870511DT1 Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensor module, which is a highly integrated IC that has 8-bit microcontroller (MCU), pressure sensor, XZ-axis or Z-axis accelerometer and RF transmitter. The external components are provided accordingly which is also varies with respect to the automotive manufacturers defined protocols and set up. The design uses B82450A7004E as the transponder coil of the system. The RF transmitter are provided with inductors and capacitor filters that suits to 315MHz frequency. The supply are provided with capacitors for noise protection. The resistors are used for dissipation.

This design is applicable with different types of vehicle tires which can be developed to different functionalities. It is useful to low-power wireless sensing applications that are common to portable devices. It is quite flexible that users can set their own protocols with respect to factory firmware.



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