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  • 4K UHD High Brightness Display Reference Design using TI DLP® Technology

  • Created: May 31, 2018

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The 4K UHD display reference design brings the proven performance of DLP Cinema® technology emerging applications, like digital signage, laser TV, and office or education projectors, that require a cost effective high resolution solution to create large and bright digital displays. With two times more pixels than competitive products, the advanced image processing and high speed switching of DLP micromirror technology enables 8.3 Million pixels to the screen to create sharp and detailed images for any setting. Whether it’s standalone display systems or embedded into an existing design, the complete reference design and development guides can accelerate display innovation.


The DLP® 0.66” 4K UHD chipset combines the fast switching speed of the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) with advanced image processing to bring 4K Ultra HD solution to new markets. The chipset consists of the high-resolution DLP660TE DMD, the high-speed DLPC4422 digital controller, and dedicated DLPA100 power management IC and motor driver. These devices can be combined with many different optical and mechanical components to meet a diverse set of performance level requirements. This reference design offers designers electrical component selection, high speed data trace routing, electrical and software control of the DLP660TE DMD, as well as optical design choices such as illumination type and third party optical engine information.



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