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  • 500mA Wireless Charger Boosterpack with Gauge Monitoring

  • Created: Apr 11, 2016

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The reference design from Texas Instruments is a boosterpack for wireless charging that can cater a 500mA of current and has gauge-monitoring feature. It is designed to deliver a complete wireless charger and battery management that include power supply solution for use with TI Launchpad’s and other development board. The board features BQ51050BRHLT a high-efficiency Qi v1.1-Compliant wireless power receiver and battery charger from TI. The reference design also uses BQ27421YZFR-G1A fuel gauge, which uses patented impedance track algorithm for fuel gauging. For battery protection, the design uses bq29707, a primary protector for a single cell Li-Ion and Li-Polymer charger that disconnects if the battery voltage goes over 4.28V or under 2.8V.

The BQ51050BRHLT can do multiple functions, which can charge a battery, power a system or operate both at the same time. The reference design offers three phases of charging method: pre-charge to recover fully discharged battery, fast-charge constant current to supply the charge safely, and voltage regulation to safely reach full capacity. Thus, the output of the charger is set to 500mA, pre-charge of 200mA and a termination current of 30mA. The gauge monitoring of the reference design provides the information such as remaining battery capacity (mAh), state-of-charge (%), and battery voltage (mV). The bq29707 is primary protector for a single-cell Li-Ion/Li-Polymer battery pack. It uses a minimum number of external components to protect for over current conditions due to high discharge/charge currents in the application.

The reference design power the Launchpad through the buck converter that has an output of 3.3Vdc and a 5V additional switching boost converter to run accessories. The other application of the reference design is well suited in factory automation, process control, sensors and field transmitters, building automation, portable instruments, IoT (Internet of Things) and wearables.