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  • 5W Multi-Coil A Type Wireless Charging Transmitter Reference Design

  • Created: Sep 20, 2015

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Wireless charging has now become the trend in this ever-changing mobile device technology. Wired charging has been slowly overshadowed by this brand new technology. Since today’s electronics device consumers wanted a more convenient way of charging, getting rid of messy wires and lost charger problems, the consumers resort to this new type of technology. In response to this demand, engineers and developers have to come up with a design that is power efficient, electrically safe, and convenient.

This reference design is a 5W multi-coil transmitter. It employs Freescale’s MWCT1101 transmitter IC that also acts as a microcontroller unit that handles all control functions that is required for wireless power transmission. The MWCT1101 has many features that are utilized in this reference design for better efficiency and safety. It is a low power device that complies with the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) transmitter design, and also conforms to the latest version of low power WPC specifications. It supports a wide range of DC inputs starting from 4.2V, typically 5V, 12V and 19V. It has an integrated digital demodulation on chip and can support all types of receiver modulation techniques. It supports Foreign Object Detection, a feature that enables the device to automatically switch on/off whenever a device is placed or removed from the charging pad. It has super low standby power by Freescale Touch technology. It has frequency and duty cycle control, rail voltage control, and phase shift control to support any low power consumer power transmitter. The device automatically sets it operation of power transfer depending on the data sent by the mobile device. It utilizes an LED to indicate the system status as seen on the schematics diagram. It can support CAN/IIC/SCI/SPI interfaces. It comes with a FreeMASTER GUI tool for configuration, calibration, and debugging purposes. Also, it is safe to use since it has an over-voltage/over-current protection and temperature sensing devices to prevent over-heating.

The reference design can be applied in car dashboards, tabletops, office desks, coffee tables, and in any areas that wireless charging is a convenience. Also, the design integrates all required functions for WPC “Qi” compliant wireless power transmitter design enabling to have a wide range of compatibility among mobile devices.



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