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  • 6A H-bridge DC Motor Controller

  • Created: Mar 14, 2016

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Nowadays, most of the motor driver circuits make use of the H-bridge configuration for it enables the voltage to be applied across a load in either direction. Hence, it allows DC motors to run forwards and backwards. This design utilizes IFX9201SG 6A H-bridge motor driver manufactured by Infineon Technologies. The output of this integrated circuit can be pulse width modulated at frequencies up to 20kHz that enables operation above the human sonic range by means of PWM/DIR control. While the signal at the direction input defines the direction of the DC motor, the PWM signal controls the duty cycle.

This particular design is an H-bridge kit using IFX9201. The board can be powered by an external power supply connected to VBAT. To protect the board from accidentally reverted supply voltages, it is equipped with a reverse polarity protection circuit. This circuit consists of a MOSFET, a zener diode and a resistor. The VBAT can range from 5V to a maximum of 36V without damaging the board. However, since the power dissipation of the 5V regulator strongly increases with the input voltage. It is recommended to keep VBAT below 15V or have an additional cooling by attaching a heat sink to the backside of the board. The IFX9201 can drive small DC motors with peak currents of up to 6A.

This design is ideal for industrial applications, home appliances, building automation, power tools, battery management and medical applications. The achievable continuous drive current is lower and depends on supply voltage, switching frequency and the cooling conditions. Realistic continuous drive currents for this kit are in the range of 1A to 2A. Many motors for toys, RC models or robotics fall in this range.



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