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  • 74AXP1G57 demo board

  • Created: Sep 03, 2014

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This project uses NXP 74AXP1G57 illustrating the multiple functions of a single logic gate as an AND, NAND, NOR, XOR, inverter and buffer gate. Since digital systems are constructed from logic gates, it would be convenient to use a single gate that can incorporate more than one gate function rather than employing different types of gates on a particular circuit.

Each of the seven 74AXP1G57 devices is configured for a different logic function. Each 74AXP1G57 has an identical Y output, which is connected to an 8-bit level shifter 74AVC8T245 for translation between 1.2 and 3.3V. The 3.3V output of the 74AVC8T245 is used to drive the seven PMBT3904 NPN BJT transistors, which turn ON or OFF the green 2.2V, 20mA LED. Three push-button switches are provided to toggle the input pins A, B, and C as marked on the configuration diagram. A rotary switch is used to select one of the seven outputs of the 74AVC8T245 and to drive the on-board LED. The user can select the desired function type on the board and verify it with a corresponding truth table for the function. Device U1 is configured as a two-input AND gate. Device U2 is configured as a two-input NAND gate with an inverted B input. Device U3 is configured as a two-input NOR gate with A and C inputs. Device U4 is configured as a two-input XNOR gate with A and C inputs. Device U5 is configured as a single inverter. Device U6 is configured as a single-channel buffer and device U7 is configured as a two-input NAND gate with inverted C and A inputs.

74AXP1G57 Demo Board has the primary objective of generating seven different Boolean functions using only a single device. Its application will be manifested in control logic, PCB miniaturization and routing simplification. NXP Semiconductor’s 74AXP1G57 is a small footprint solution that reduces the number of device types needed in inventory. Defining just one or two of the inputs the device is configured as one of nine different Boolean functions.



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