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  • 8-Channel Lighting Control Console using PIC16F1947

  • Created: May 15, 2017

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In events such as concerts and variety shows, stage lights are commonly used to add effects and increase the visual entertainment they offer to the audience. These lights can be dimmed and slowly change to another color when accompanied to a slow and emotional music, or they can rapidly dancing like disco lights when accompanied to dancing and hype music. All these and other effects can be achieved by controlling the light through a lighting console.

This schematic design is a lighting control console with eight sliders for multiple-channel color mixing. It also has eleven buttons that are customizable for user control and 14 LED status indicators. The circuit is mainly based on the PIC16F1947 microcontroller. This versatile 64-pin MCU is also a member of Microchip's extreme low power microcontroller family featuring nanoWatt XLP technology. The lighting control console is an application example utilizing the Lighting Communications Development Platform. The application firmware is based upon custom control firmware paired with Microchip’s DALI & DMX512 Code Libraries. This provides the capability of controlling multiple main boards via DALI and/or DMX512. User interface is provided via the multiple sliders and buttons with feedback via the LED display, indicator LEDs, and visible control of RGBW LED on main board.

The lighting console is loaded with the DMX512A firmware and has 3 modes of operation that can be accessed through buttons S10 – S12 in the circuit. Using button ‘A’, allows user to enter manual output mode and scene programming, button ‘B’ is for automatic scene mode and button ‘C’ is for semi-automated scene playback.



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