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  • 9FGV0241 PCI-Express Clock Generator

  • Created: Aug 06, 2015

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This reference design is based on IDT's 9FGV0241 PCI-Express Clock Generator. The 9FGV0241 belongs to the series of Very Low Power PCI-Express clocking devices of IDT. It is a 2-output clock generator suitable for PCI-Express Gen 1, 2 and 3 applications. It features 2 output enables for clock management and supports 2 different spread spectrum levels in addition to spread off. It operates out of an 1.8V power supply with a typical power consumption of less than 50mW.

The circuit reduces heat dissipation to ease cooling requirements in large scale cloud computing applications. It has a programmable slew rate allowing tuning for various line lengths with an integrated output termination of 100Ω, providing maximum flexibility when working in a non-homogenous timing environment. In addition, the device has an external 25MHz crystal that supports tight parts per million (ppm) with 0 ppm synthesis error.

These clock synthesizers have various applications such as communications, computing, and consumer goods. Most members of IDT timing family feature a selectable SMBus address so that multiple devices can seamlessly share the same SMBus segment without the cumbersome additional logic that is often required with other solutions.



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