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  • Accelerometer Circuit

  • Created: May 19, 2014

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As this schematic shows, the ADXL50 accelerometer, U2, interfaces with an A/D converter, U3, to drive a 3½-digit LCD module, DISP1. Because that module displays any number from -19.99 to +19.99, the circuit is designed to measure g’s within that range. The heart of the circuit is U2, the ADXL50 accelerometer. The sensitivity of that chip is set to ±20 g’s in order to accommodate the full scale capability of LCD module DISP1 (19.99). Circuit gain is determined by the values of R4, R5, and R6, potentiometer R2, and R3 provides a way to manually set the zero-g voltage-output level at pin 9 of U2 to half the supply voltage - 2.5 V. The output voltage will vary linearly by 0.1-V/g of acceleration.



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