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  • Accelerometer USB Gamepad

  • Created: Mar 06, 2015

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This design demonstrates an accelerometer controlled USB gamepad that supports up to 8 buttons using freescale's MMA6801KW. In this game controller, you can actually use the FORWARD/BACK tilt (Y axis of the device), besides the usual LEFT/RIGHT (X axis). The code for the firmware was written in PicBasic Pro and it implements a HID USB device with 2-axis gyroscope and a 2-axis accelerometer. It has a built in voltage regulator, which allows powering the accelerometer directly from the USB bus (5V).

MMA68xx is a serial peripheral interface (SPI)-based, two-axis, medium-g, overdamped lateral accelerometer designed for use in automotive airbag systems. Freescale MMA68xx sensors are safe assure functional safety solutions. MMA6801KW features ±20g to ±120g full-scale range independently specified for each x and y axes. It operates on 3.3V or 5V single supply, SPI-compatible serial interface, and has 10-bit digitally signed or unsigned SPI data output. Independent programmable arming functions are available for each axis, with an optional offset cancellation of more than 6s averaging period and less than 0.25 LSB/s slew rate. Moreover, 12 low-pass filter options are ranging from 50 Hz to 1000 Hz.

Freescale Semiconductor's MMA6801KW is also implemented in the new Airbag Reference Platform (ARP) hardware, an application demonstrator system. It provides an airbag electronic control unit (ECU) implementation using complete Freescale standard products for the growing automotive safety segment. The Airbag Reference Platform features a graphical user interface (GUI) firmware that allows customers to evaluate all Freescale chipset solution for airbag application. This ARP will reduce design risks and is easy and affordable to use, while representing the latest highest automotive quality standard.



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